Asalam o Alayekum,

[May Peace be On You]

I started my career in Oil and Gas Industry having an amazing 13+ years of experience in upstream business – mostly in Oil Field Services. With unfaithful tumbling of oil price by mid 2014, the market went under immense pressure to shrink exponentially. I was one of those thousands who were released over night from there high profile position by mid 2015 as the industry giants could not sustain the blow to remain buoyant and remain attractive to their respective shareholders.


And that’s where my new journey starts…

This site is dedicate to my first hand experience into exploring new things, re-discovering old hobbies, exploiting what I use to dream about and maybe entering world of Entrepreneurship(?).

Here, I am going to share my journey  cautiously exploring its different venues; which are not only amazing but in fact frighteningly mesmerizing.

This would remain my online vault of knowledge for things which I will be picking along the road with an intention to leave behind a trail for those who decide to chose this path.

Most of the things said or posted here are my own or otherwise been stated or credited. All things said/share here are with all my good intentions and hope it keep a positive impact on the reader.

You are welcome to re-post my post.

My Values:

Let each thought or action be BeneficialEffectiveEfficientProductive,& Simple.




If you are interested about my professional background, you can visit my profile here.