My Life – A Short Story

The Beginning:

I was the first child born to a family of Pakistani father and an Iranian mother. My place of birth and time was unique as I was born in Tehran just before the start of Iranian revolution. After the revolution, my parents moved to UAE for a very short period of time where my father worked for an Oil and Gas Industry. We moved to Karachi in early 80s and stayed there for a while until my younger sister was born.



I started my school in Karachi while living with my father’s side of family which is quite a norm in Pakistani culture. During those time, my father used to work with Shell Oman on a four-week rotations. By the time I turned five, our family moved to Muscat-Oman and stayed there until I was in grade seven. Due to my grandmother’s deteriorating health, we had to moved back to Karachi in early 1990s. This is where I completed my matriculation (grade 10) in science and took admission in Pre-Engineering (college). After graduation, I got an admission in B.Sc. Honors to study geology from University of Karachi and continued to acquire my Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology with distinction.




After graduating from university, I moved to Islamabad to pursue my career in oil and gas industry. My first job was with OMV Pakistan G.m.b.H where I worked as a geologist for more than a year. While working with E&P company, I noticed that the growth pace within the E&P industry was quite slow (from my perspective) which pushed me to take higher risk in 2003 and landed myself to secure a position as a sole business representative of Belgium based company called Diamant Drilling Services (DDS). This position was to cater DDS product and services for entire O&G market in Pakistan. This role can be considered as my first milestone to entrepreneurial environment where I had indulged myself to something completely out of my comfort zone. It is there where I learned about sales and drilling completely on my own – the hard way. I must admit that these were times when I literally felt as been racked every day. Being representative of company which was barely two years old. Fighting against big four sharks at that time was a real test for me as a startup. The matter of everyday survival and literally stealing slivers of market share had its own adrenal which was quite motivational and equally rewarding. It was not long before in 2005 when I was approached by one of the biggest competition known as Smith International Inc. to represent their business in Pakistan.

From there onward, my professional journey had no turning back in the field of upstream technology-based-sales. I was very fortunate to be given an international status within two years of accepting this position. From there onward I was appointed for various overseas assignments across Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Each location was exclusively handed over to me as a special task as a “startup” to establish the businesses. I still remember when my Sales VP in 2009 called me for a position in Dubai and asking me a favor to take care of account for B2B within a company which was quite unique in terms of learning and experience (this was post merger time –  when Schlumberger ultimately acquired Smith International). This was the time when I decided to pursue my MBA degree simultaneously with an ambition to gain the core business knowledge and skill sets to run an independent business. My last overseas assignment was in Abu Dhabi; again, a unique position as a request from my segment VP and Schlumberger MEA president to fill a drilling advisor role for Schlumberger’s special drilling excellence center called Petro Technical Engineering Centre (PTEC).

My Drive:

Looking back  at these fourteen years of my work experience, I always find myself indulged in exploiting the unexploited territories. It seems like as I always get bored at one place and feel uncomfortable once things becomes comfortable. I felt that there was always something ticking inside me to learn new aspect of  doing business, trying out new skill sets and making things better. Personally, it itches me if there is a room of improvement and where I feel that I can make any difference by making contribution. I admit, there were occasions where I started hating myself for putting myself in troubles. At the end of the day, I kind of enjoyed the adrenal, excitement, and sense of accomplishment by reaching the sets of self established goals. For me, I am kind of passionate and dream about to leave some valuable legacy behind which I can cherish about later.

The Future:

For me future is a mystery which I enjoy contemplating about. We as human beings dream and plan a lot about our future. However, the most fascinating thing about it is, it will always remain unknown – and to me thats the beauty about it. At this point, whenever I think about it, I always see myself surfing on waves of challenges to my distant goal of establishing something meaningful in life and good for mankind – a bigger picture.


My wish and efforts are focused to turn them into reality.

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