Five Best & Worst Reasons to be an Entrepreneur

While dwelling over to start a business, I recall the best and worst reasons to become an entrepreneur. Below were my top five reasons which I like to share here.

Best Reasons:

1) Turning Dreams into Reality:

It’s an opportunity by turning passion driven ideas into reality.

2) Sky is the Limit:

The only thing which can limit anyone is his/her mindset.

3) Steep Learning Curve:

Creating a functional company from nothing takes lots of effort, dedication and learning which one cannot learn by just working for example within a well-established firm.

4) Leaving Legacy Behind:

Making something meaningful and useful for mankind is not only blissful but also comes with sense of fulfilment. That is of being useful to the society and hopefully leaving something behind as a legacy for generation(s) to remember.

5) Freedom:

Total control (kind of) on what one wants to accomplish.


Worst Reasons:

1) Sacrificing Family/Personal Time:

There is no family life as its all work and no play.

2) Living on an edge:

Highly stressful as it is not a child’s play.

3) No income:

Till the company crosses the breaks even and have steady profitable revenue stream, there might be no means of income to cater kitchen expense.

4) Eroding personal savings:

With no other income means, burning cash from personal savings along with spending on my dream project is a bummer.

5) Becoming world-weary:

If you aren’t careful, you could lose your sense of wonder.


What are your take of being an entrepreneur and what are your fears or points of excitement to be one?

Share with us in the comment section below!

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